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Ok I will start this. My main character I play is Okachobie, and she is a butt-poker and a back-stabber, but irl my name is Bobbi. I am ,lets say aging but young at heart. I have 2 grown kids, a son and a daughter whom both have graced me with grandkids. My son gave me a granddaughter and my daughter gave me a grandson! I love relaxing at home with my 2 dogs (Rexx and Charli) and my 2 cats (Sheeshee and Hobbes). All of them are rescues =). I work long hours as the events co-ordinator and oversee a lot of the functions at Woodlands Mansion. The Mansion was once 1 of 4 properties in the U.S. known for being 5 star 5 diamond in both lodging and restaurant. It is a beautiful place to work! I love playing WoW but mostly I enjoy meeting such wonderful people that are either in the Guild or have moved on from the Guild. I have called a few there true friends, they have been with me in the Guild since it was basically created. Evil, Bucky, Ron, (and the MIA Rippy). But as those that move on, more come in whom are just as wonderful and I hope stick with me as those before them. If anyone has any issues or concerns, all you have to do is contact me in game or irl. If ingame and I am not on, we have wonderful Officer's of U&H who can help!